ANNOUNCING – ACEI Global Consulting Group’s Program/Curriculum Review Are you exploring opportunities to partner with an overseas institution? We know that colleges and universities are finding themselves within an increasingly competitive environment when it comes to student enrollment. Even the global marketplace for international students has become challenging with more and more players–sometimes of dubious […]

Here’s Why your College’s DEI Efforts are Failing (and 2 Tools for Getting Unstuck)

Building and maintaining a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in higher education is hard. The challenges to this important work may even seem insurmountable in our current political climate. Even beyond the overt backlash against DEI as currently seen in the campaign against Critical Race Theory (CRT)—a concept used as a catch-all for […]

3 Tips for Stakeholder Engagement to Make the Most of Fall In-Service

Whether you are heading into or out of your Fall In-Service to get the 2021/22 academic year off to a great start, the importance of getting the most buy-in and engagement from all of your program’s stakeholders is something that’s probably top of mind. Here are three tips to make your stakeholder engagement more strategic […]