Typical Clients

Universities, education-service organizations and other service providers.

Media & Brand Consulting

Branded social media campaigns that will increase awareness and interest in your programs and services.

What is Involved?

Whether you are a university or a service provider, you are concerned with creating dynamic strategies that communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time. ACEI’s Media and Brand Consultants have a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience to help promote and market your programs, products and services.  Understanding the consumer behavior of your client population is essential to assisting you in adapting your communications to influence your target market’s perceptions.

  • Expand your brand. Looking for new ideas to expand your brand?  We will create a social media campaign that will bring new energy into your recruiting efforts.
  • Create compelling marketing messages.
  • Develop or enhance an existing online and digital marketing strategy.
  • Branding with a cause. What kind of impact are your clients going to make? What cause(s) should you align with? How do you demonstrate your alignment? We create and implement impact campaigns for you that will draw new interest to the services and programs you offer.  Topics include: Analyzing The Environment, Making Change, Developing the Vision & Strategy, Drafting Your Strategic Plan, Impact Budgets, Partnerships, Implementation, Evaluation and Reporting.