Typical Clients

Universities, education-service organizations and other service providers.

Media & Brand Consulting

Whether you work at a university or a service provider, you are concerned with creating dynamic strategies that communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time. ACEI-Global Consulting Group's Media and Brand consultants have a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience to help promote and market your institution and its programs to diverse audiences.

Understanding the behavior and experiences of your student population(s) is essential to creating messaging that both reaches and resonates with them. With our 25+ year experience growing higher education programs in the United States and Canada, we are uniquely suited to help align your outreach efforts to achieve your institution's goals.

What is Involved?

ACEI's Media and Branding consultants meet with you to discuss the current state of your media and branding efforts, your short, medium, and long-term enrollment goals, as well as your envisioned time frame/budget. Following this initial consultation, we  research your institution's presence on a range of media channels and develop a proposal which commonly includes components, in its scope, such as:

  • Convening focus groups of current students and those demographics identified as representing high potential (and high-priority) recruits.
  • Developing options for institutional messaging that can be implemented with A/B testing so marketing decision are informed and data-driven.
  • Integrating the concept of branding with a cause. What kind of impact are your clients going to make? What causes should you align with? How do you demonstrate your alignment?
  • Preparing an overall marketing strategic plan that includes impact budgets, partnerships, implementation, evaluation, and reporting.
  • Working with existing marketing functions (or offering our direct experience) in the execution of agreed upon media and brand strategies.



We know that attracting and retaining students is essential to any college or university's success, and ACEI-Global Consulting Group's consultants are here to help you find and refine your voice so you can best achieve your aims. Click here to find out more.