ACEI-Global Consulting Group© is a division of the Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (ACEI), a private international education research and credential evaluation organization founded in 1994, and incorporated in the State of California, USA.  For more information, VISIT OUR WEBSITE


Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI)

Since 1994, ACEI has been engaged in research on world education systems by providing an array of services including international credential evaluations, translation, e-learning and training programs. In 2016, ACEI launched its Advisory Services (now part of our Global Consulting Group) and has since been offering specialized programs customized to meet the unique needs of colleges and universities like yours. 

The Global Consulting Group (GCG) leverages ACEI’s deep expertise in global education to help build and market your internationalization initiatives. Whether in the specific distinctions between domestic and international student services or the broader separation of these divisions from academics and operations/facilities, maximizing the student experience requires all parts of your college/university to function as one. We recognize the inherent worth of everyone in your learning community, help build bridges in understanding, and act as the catalyst that brings you all together.

With a combined 100 years of proven experience in international education and additional expertise in communications/social media, organizational development, and mindfulness practices, our professional team of consultants knows how to help you and your faculty, administrators, and staff collaborate in accomplishing your institution’s goals of attracting and meeting the needs of diverse global students and co-creating solutions to your most pressing challenges.


Our mission is to make organizations economically strong and culturally dynamic through the advancement of programs of international exchange and the supporting systems of inclusion needed to sustain them.