Typical Clients

Colleges and universities, qualification awarding bodies seeking partnership opportunities through pathway and/or dual degree programs with overseas institutions.


Providing customized solutions to reach students in key and emerging markets, attract international students, develop an articulation agreement with an international institution, and promote your institution/program.

What is Involved?

ACEI’s Program/Curriculum Review provides a number of customized solutions to help you overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment. Our Program/Curriculum Review provides all the tools you need to achieve a successful articulation agreement with your partner institution:

  • Determines international institution’s accreditation.
  • Establishes the entrance criteria.
  • Confirms required length of study.
  • Reviews curriculum & syllabus.
  • Assesses program content.
  • Prepares a course-by-course listing of subjects.
  • Recommends credit conversion.
  • Reports grading scale & recommends a grade conversion scale.
  • Suggests subject levels (e.g. undergraduate lower division or upper division).
  • Recommends an approximate U.S. equivalence.

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