Typical Clients

Colleges and Universities looking to:

  • Develop overseas partnerships to attract international students and create pathway and/or dual degree programs with overseas institutions
  • Create or expand study abroad programs (including short-term faculty-led courses abroad)
  • Get help in evaluating international credit equivalencies and determining transfer credits from study abroad coursework


We know that colleges and universities are finding themselves within an increasingly competitive environment when it comes to student enrollment. Even the global marketplace for international students has become challenging with more and more players--sometimes of dubious quality--offering quick low-cost programs. Strong accredited institutions like yours have been finding that the old ways of attracting international students no longer have the full effect they need.

With over 25 years of experience growing international higher education programs in the United States and Canada, ACEI and our Global Consulting Group well understand the current global landscape when it comes to student enrollment. We help you reach international students in key and emerging markets, develop articulation agreements with international institutions, and efficiently promote your program to develop the economically sustainable and culturally diverse student body your institution needs.

What is Involved?

ACEI’s Global Consulting Group© provides customized solutions to help you overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment. Following an initial consultation to understand your current program, enrollment goals, and time frame/budget, our consultants develop a proposal designed to meet your specific needs.

Commonly included in our projects are all of the components needed to achieve a successful articulation agreement with partner institutions, such as:

  • Determining the accreditation of international institutions
  • Establishing the entrance criteria for your program.
  • Confirming the required length of study.
  • Reviewing curricula & syllabi.
  • Assessing program content.
  • Preparing a course-by-course listing of subjects.
  • Recommending credit conversion.
  • Reporting grading scales and recommending grade conversion scales.
  • Suggesting subject levels (e.g. undergraduate lower division or upper division).
  • Recommending an approximate U.S. equivalence.


Prog Review #3

We know that navigating the many differences among global institutions of higher education can be tough and we are here to help. Colleges and universities with robust internationalization programs reap great benefits both economically in terms of enrollment and academically through the diversity that enriches the student experience of all.