Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education in Institutions Framed with Institutional Racism

Presenter: Fazela Haniff
Within the international higher education space, there are compelling proposals to revitalize internationalization by internationalizing the curricula. However, institutions must first address their structural biases and their institutional racial history. While it would indeed be good to have BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) representation in International offices, the institutions have to make the whole environment conducive by addressing institutional racism.

How Do We Rebound Module 2: Marketing Tool Kit

Presenter: Laura Sipple
We have examined armchair recruitment, now we are looking at fine-tuning your branding and marketing to address new needs in higher education. With the new administration, comes new opportunities to reach your audiences. This webinar will cover:
● A detailed case study illustrating marketing success rebounding from the COVID19 and Trump era.
● Useful takeaway tool kit for marketing initiatives
● Tips for successful ways for target marketing and branding specific to higher education.

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Work Place, Session 1 

Presenter: Abby Wills
Presenter: Brian Aguilar
Presenter: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert
Presenter: Kathleen Hylen
Presenter: Laura Sippel
Presenter: Michael Kuehnert
This webinar is an introduction to ACEI’s Part One of Mindful Minutes with ACEI - Safe Space, Virtual Place. Covering the Current State and Helpful Tools/Tips.
Password: 6Pcfj4t2

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space-Virtual Space, Session 2

Presenter: Abby Wills
Join our open discussion as we share Work-from-Home tips and coping mechanisms for these difficult times. You are not alone. We are in this together. #SeparateTogether

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Space, Session 3

Presenter: Abby Wills
This webchat will offer practices to foster emotional resilience in these trying times. Abby will briefly cover the effects of mindfulness on the nervous system, including how to cultivate awareness for regulating the stress response and invoking the relaxation response.

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Space, Session 4

Presenter: Abby Wills
ACEI's Mindful Minutes provides a moment of rest and refueling in these times of upheaval. In this session, we will utilize the mind-body connection to foster personal stability. Practicing mindfulness in the community, we will interact with care for connection.

Mindful Minutes with ACEI, Safe Space, Virtual Place, Session 5

Presenter: Abby Wills
Self-care is crucial right now. To effectively navigate our way through the unknown, we need to first take care of our own well-being, before we can help our loved ones, co-workers, students, applicants.

How to be a Warrior and not a Worrier in a COVID-19 World?

Presenters: Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert, Laura Sipple, Kathleen Hylen, Fazela Haniff
This webinar will showcase ACEI’s Global Consulting Group© by providing tactical tools for reshaping your objectives.
password: Dwp5kaWu